Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Game Table Nonsense

Well, I'm almost finished with the construction of my game table. My buddy from work came over last night and brought the re-cut legs with him. With screwdriver in hand, we got to work putting the legs back on the table.
We flipped the table over and surveyed the results: the table works! there's still a little bit of wobble, but nothing that would be too distracting from using it as a game table.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I'm still going to add some additional support braces to the table legs, and maybe some vinyl edging  to the table top to help round out the project. I'll be taking some photos to include with post, and will add them at a later date.

Here's a shot of Drew's Game on the new table:

All Hail the Golden Fisters!

I plan on having a friend of mine run his Swords & Wizardry game over the weekend, and we'll run the table through its paces with his game group and see how it holds up to the rigors of a riotous game group, spilled drinks and pizza stains- it should be good fun nonetheless!

Addendum: With the addition of the support bracers for the legs, the table held up quite nicely against the game group and everyone had a great time.  I guess the table works!  - Now to start running some games of my own!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Focus Up!

So, I'm still stuck with what I'd like to write about on my little blog here, and I keep wracking my brain for any ideas. I was reading on someone else's blog that in order to have a successful blog (or at least one that gets read or followed), one needs to have a focus. The jist of the blog was something along the lines of;  find something about your chosen hobby, profession, or current subject of your blog and focus on one particular aspect and write about that. Conversely, your focus can go the opposite route and attempt to encompass many aspects of the subject you're blogging about.

As for myself, I'm just having difficulty finding anything interesting to write about, but I definitely think I'm going to go with trying to narrow my focus to one particular aspect of my gaming hobby. I guess I need to think about what exactly I should focus on in my roleplaying endeavours (specifically the Pathfinder RPG), but what the heck should blog about when it comes to my favorite game?   I know that I'm NOT going to write about my game group's gaming sessions (reading about other people's game sessions is akin to listening to someone talk about their character and the cool things that character did in game-  it might be fun for the player to regale you with stories about his or her character's exploits, but it gets boring fast for everyone listening to the aforementioned stories!).

I also know that I'm not going to try and write about current trends in the gaming industry (as I have neither the techinical or professional expertise/experience to expound upon this issue), and I'll try to write about things I actually have experience with. So, what do I have experience with? (in gaming terms that is):

  • I know that I've been playing some iteration of D&D and other role playing games for at least 20+ years.
  • I love gamemastering/ playing the Pathfinder RPG.
  • I know that I no longer have the time or inclination to be involved in a long running (meaning weekly) game.
  • Playing in Pathfinder Society Senarios, or running "One-Shot" games really appeals to me (and that will become the focus of my gaming habits in the future).
  • I love creating supplimental materials (i.e., maps, handouts, painted backdrops/minis, etc.) for my game sessions.
I think I'll use this short list and brainstorm a focus for my blog (it may take me a little while), but I'll find my focus yet!  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Game Table II

The progress on the game table is going well. My friend from work came over this weekend with his woodworking tools and we got to work on constructing the table. I'll have to admit that even though I'm not much of a craftsman, I enjoyed working with the wood- measuring, cutting, sanding and fitting all the pieces together gave me a sense of satisfaction of knowing that I could do such a thing...and  a sense of accomplishment that I wouldn't have had if I had just purchased the table from a retailer.

Being that I constructed the table from scratch and never having created one before, there were bound to be some mistakes and some rough edges so to speak. My wife says that the table rests a little bit high for her tastes, and that it has a little bit of a wobble- but other than that, she thinks the table is great. So I guess my current objective for the game table is to shorten it a smidge, and add some additional support bracers for the legs to help eliminate some of the wobble.

I'll see if I can elist my friend's aid again, and hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a table worthy of gaming.