Monday, October 6, 2014

Game Mastering vs. Playing


I've recently come to realize that I enjoy running games much more than being a player in someone else's game. I was playing in a friend's game and found myself starting to lapse into fits of sleepiness as I waited for my fellow players to conduct their turns. I realize that it's hard for me to keep my attention on the game unless I'm fully engaged at all times -that's why I like being a Game Master. I really do enjoy my friend's game but I frequently find myself asking how I would run a specific encounter, adjudicate a specific rule, or handle some situation that comes up during play, as opposed to paying attention to what my character should be doing during his turn.

I love crafting my own worlds, weaving stories for players to experience, and controlling all aspects of the game instead of controlling a lone character. I find the experience and dynamics of GM-ing much more rewarding (sometimes frustrating), than being a player. I've decided that once my tenure in my friend's game is at an end (character dies), I have no further plans to play in anyone else's game (after a short hiatus wherein I focus on being a better game-master), and concentrate solely on being a game-master.