Saturday, November 1, 2014

Burning Sands

I know I said that I didn't want to play in anyone else's game after the adventure I'm currently participating in ends, but I've been invited to play in a Dark Sun campaign... and I absolutely love that game world!  Gamemastering/playing in a Dark Sun game was one of my most cherished memories growing up in the hobby. Now that I've been asked to play in an ongoing campaign set in the burning sands of Athas, I am thrilled to have a chance to travel back to that grim place and do battle with the unspeakable horrors that inhabit the dusty wastes, and fight against the tyranny of the despotic sorcerer kings. However, the one question that currently vexes me is, "what kind of character shall I play?"


  1. I ended up playing a warrior (gladiator), named Jotano. He unfortunately met his end fighting against a horror known as a Behir.